So you’ve finally decided to lay off the office cubicle for that much needed break? You’ve probably been surfing our tours to see what could tickle your fancy…but when you take a look at the prices you begin to wonder if you really need that holiday anyway…

Well, we’re here to tell you that you do need it, and you can have it – yep! You read that right, you can have it. So read on and we’ll show you how to save for that perfect holiday.

Set a goal:

To begin with, you need to set a goal, in this case, something like this should do: “Pamper myself with an absolutely stunning beach holiday at The Sands at Chale“. With a goal like this set up, you’re more likely to go through the motions (yes they are there…) of actually putting money aside for your dream holiday.

Decide the time and date when you’d like to go:

Now that you have a goal in place, you need to decide when you want to go. Setting a time, preferably with a date is absolutely important as it helps you plan for the holiday well in advance – increasing the chances of actually going.

Decide how much to save towards the holiday

With the time and date for the holiday set, your next task is to calculate how much you’ll need to set aside (per day, week, or month) in order to accumulate the amount.

With these in place, call us up and let us book you early – don’t worry, we  can do that, and yes we can help you plan for your holiday 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Get started today.