So You Are Going to Samburu? Here’s a little something for you.
The Samburu National Reserve and lodges overlooking the park

The Beautiful Samburu National Reserve is a park filled with nature’s beauty of the wild and the gracefully flowing waters of the Ewaso Nyiro River. The river cuts across the reserve hence attracting a large number of wildlife and a huge population of crocodiles.

The reserve is a home to the Samburu’s special five which are the Gravy’s Zebra, the blue skinned Somali Ostrich, the Reticulated Giraffe(long necked antelope) and the Beisa Oryx; a species of large antelopes. The other large wildlife includes the elephants,lions, cheetahs,leopards and was also home to the famous Kamunyak; a miracle lioness that adopted baby oryx.

The Savannah plains of the Samburu National Reserve will give u a heaven like feeling when you see the graceful flight of the leaping impalas appearing any moment during your game drives. On the other hand, this same reserve will give you an adventures feeling as you see the dominant predators hunting down the subservient preys; it is a scene you wouldn’t want to deny your sight.

There is so much to explore in Samburu; so carry your cameras, binoculars and an open mind then Twendeni Samburu!

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